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About Us

9G Super Construction

Company History 

     The company started as a sub-contractor to the Star Block Group Public Company Limited. 


     Since, Star Block Group Public Company had the internal changes within the company. 

     Therefore, our group set out to establish the M Star Limited Company operated in 1996 until the year 1997, several partners have set up a separate private company. Hence, the company has established a new company limited called 9 Siam Company Limited operated to government agencies and private sectors. In 2007, most shareholders had withdrawn their shares to operate Import - Export Business. As a result, we have renamed the company to 9G Construction Company Limited on September 18th, 2008 and operates until today. 



Company Name                         9 G Construction Company Limited


Location                                   1270/25 Sukhumvit 101/1 Rd. Bangjak,                                                        Phrakanong, Bangkok  


Registered Date                        September 18th, 2008 


Registered Capital                     1 Million Baht


Managing Director                      Mr. Pongpob Wongkriangkrai 


Senior Consultant                      Mr. Sakchai Luanglertamorn 


Law Consultant                          Police General   Manoo Rojsintu 


                                               Mr. Sopon Ounsatanon


Engineering Department              Mr. Boonlert Kwanyun 


                                               Mr. Sunan Suksai


                                               Mr. Somkait Saekow


                                               Mr. Tosapol Luppanapornwong


Architecture Department              Mr. Noppadol Tiangtrong


                                               Mr. Karan Chuaykeaw


                                               Mr. Anucha Sukkasem

Tel: English Line: 081-3344256 Fax: 02-746-4600| Email: